Wakana Suzuki


Talkshow | Fermentation Society

For the first program of 2021, we are welcoming Wakana Suzuki, a cultural anthropologist, to our residency program, from July 21‒25..

Wakana Suzuki, “The field of cultural anthropology is the study of thinking about the transformation of humans and society while going back and forth between various fields such as economy, politics, science, culture, and religion. In an era when specializiations, such as expertise in economics and science, are subdivided, it is extremely rare to think of a complex society in a complex manner across disciplines, which is also the fun of cultural anthropology, large-scale climate change, etc.” 

“With growing interest in environmental issues, I am conducting research projects to investigate, learn, and connect to the future how people are trying to overcome them. In this talk show, I hope to provide you with a fresh perspective on how your daily life, such as making miso and compost, is connected to environmental issues and cutting-edge science.”

Wakana Suzuki
Assistant Professor in the field of “Science and Society,” Graduate University for Advanced Studies. After graduating from Kyoto University, she worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Amsterdam and obtained her doctorate (in human science) from the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University. Her area of expertise is Cultural Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies. She thinks about human history, society, and the future, focusing on the relationship between humans and non-humans (animals, plants, microbes, etc.).

Speaker : Wakana Suzuki
Moreator : Akutagawa Shinya 
Date: 2021 July 24
Time: 17:00 – 18:30
Place: Nenrin Urushi Based camp